How to buy in

Purchasing process


The purchasing process in is very easy:


1. You choose the product/item by clicking on the bottom “Add to cart”


2. The products in have their correct weight, so if you place an order and wish to make the most of your freight, you can add more products in order to pay no more delivery expenses and complete your freight.


3. By clicking on the cart in the upper right part you will take to the summary page where you can find the products added to the cart. In this page you will be able to remove some products or add more quantity of the ones added.


4. If you wish to confirm the purchase you should click on the Confirm bottom and you will be redirect to the register page where you will have to introduce your data if you are not already register or open you session if you are already registered. The purchasing process will take you through five short and easy steps:

4.1. User: Identify yourself as a customer and fill the data that the page ask you.

4.2. Addresse: fill the data of the addresse and the delivery address.

4.3. Delivery: choose the delivery expenses that will depend on the purchased product and the delivery address

4.4. Payment information: we inform you about the cards accepted by ArtGalicia

4.5. Confirmation: Check all your data are fine to finish your order. 

5. In the last step, ArtGalicia confirm all your information and ask you the way of making the payment. You can choose between the following payments:



The payment through bank transfer is the safest way of purchasing through the internet.

Once finished the order and selected this way of payment, you should transfer the money within the following 48 hours by the total amount of the order to the ArtGalicia bank account that appear in your order copy.


In the bank transfer, you should write the reference of your order (referencia del pedido in Spanish) (i.e. 080111-00000000). Once you had made the transfer it is advisable to email us to confirming the payment in order to accelerate the delivery of your purchase. This way we can reduce times because depending on the hour in which the transfer had been made and on your bank, our bank can take up to 48 hours to show us the payment.


Once we get the money we will deliver your order within the following five days and we will send an email confirming the delivery.


If 72 hours after you make the order we have not received the money the order will be automatically cancel. 



We work with paypal system which offers our customers security all over the World. Paypal accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and almost all international credit and debit cards and also Paypal. All transfers are done in Euro (€)


The characteristic of Paypal system are the following:


Pay completely safety with your debit or credit card through the PayPal system. Your credit numbers neither will been reveal to the seller nor sent through the Internet.

You will be able to check that this is a Secure Extreme Web looking that the address of the page where you fill the information of your card starts by https. uses the Secure Hosting of Paypal to make its transferences and to assure that all your personal data are protected according to the most important international technologic standars.


PayPal is a free charge service that have no charges for the customer that make a payment or send money.


Forget about introducing your credit card informations everytime you purchase something on the Internet. You just need an user and a password to make the payments.


Pay immediately and receive your purchase quickly. Rapid payment process and rapid delivery process by ArtGalicia.


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