What is

Artgalicia was created to enhance and add value to the art of Galicia and northern Portugal in all its aspects. Our intention is that our customers can appreciate the artistic wealth that occurs in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and can be purchased through internet creations of its artists.


Artgalicia born in a time of great economic storm with many sectors, including the arts sector is strongly affected by the situation in recent years. Despite this, Artgalicia is created as a dynamic element and help you make good art and make it known through the Internet and social networking. This innovative idea seeks to bring together artists and create a shop-online art gallery that serves as a tool to attract an audience interested in culture and art and to publicize these great artistic creations.


Store opens 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Internet offers the possibility of reviewing offers without having to close to a space of time, in a society like today, where everything is based on time, have the possibility to buy when we want, without having to depend on the hours a store is a great advantage


Saving time and travel. Very hand in hand with the previous point, shopping online offers the advantage of not having to move from your home or office to make a purchase, allowing better use that time for other activities. It also offers the opportunity to discover the great cultural heritage of the area.


Access to a greater number and variety of items. Before having the opportunity to shop online, we were limited to items that local stores or suppliers offered us, even those with the ability to order products from abroad, were limited to the offer that their relatives or friends could find in local stores .


Ability to purchase items not found in our locality. In addition to allowing us to find a wider variety of items, the Internet gives us access to offers that may be outside the area we live in, state or even outside our country, greatly increasing the chance of finding items according to our interests without having to wait a third party decide to sell in a shop near where we live.


Prices lower than in the traditional market. While there is a rule in Internet prices tend to be lower and which are not normally costs including rent, staff, etc. Internet prices tend to be generally between 20 and 30% lower than local requirements.


Compare items and prices immediately. Very hand in hand with the savings in time that the Internet provides also gives the possibility of using price comparison services, or visit various sites offering the same item or similar to compare their characteristics, prices and shipping costs, and all that information to make a more informed purchase.