Delivery of your package

Packages are generally dispatched within five days after receipt of payment.


Delivery expenses include the packaging that best fits the product you had purchased, the manipulation and the delivery. The packaging is a very important process in this kind of products and it is often designed by the same artista who makes the art piece. This way we expect the delivery causes no damages to the purchased object.


Delivery can be carried out by certified ordinary mailing or urgent mailing depending on the wishes of the buyer. Always we inform the delivery company about the fragility of the product they are taking.


In case the buyer wishes to hire a different delivery company, you can email us to with your enquiries and wishes before completing the order.


Ordinary mailing inside Spain will take between 3-5 days and in urgent mailing the package will get the buyer withing the following day before 20.00 hours.


Certified delivery up to 2 Kg to Europe will take between 2 and 4 days.


International transport for heavier packages or other countries outside Europe has a delivery period of 5-15 days depending of the destiny country. It is very advisable to contact before making any international order in order to contract the delivery that best fits the buyer wishes.


If you have any question regarding the delivery please do not hesitate to contact us in the Contact tag you could find in the header of the site.