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What is Giclée?

Of French origin, the word comes from the verb giclees Giclée means to spray, spray. Currently, we use this term to describe a process by which the ink is deposited on the surface of the artist's favorite medium, whether cloth or paper in any of their finishes.

What is a Giclée copy?

The term Giclée copy, also known as Fine Art or Iris print, connotes a rise in printing technology. The images generated by cameras, high resolution scanners or software design and digital image are printed with archive quality inks on 100% cotton fiber or other artistic media playback. Print copies allow you to reproduce works of art are paintings, photographs or digital imagery with greater color accuracy than other printing methods.
How do I create a copy Giclée?

In the late 70's, Iris pioneered this technique with 4-color inkjet printers. Today, giclée prints are created using professional printers inkjet 8 to 12 colors. Manufacturers such as Colorspan, Hewlett-Packard, Epson Rolad or dominate the market for this type of high-tech printers, capable of spraying with absolute precision average 5 million microscopic droplets of ink per second, producing both photographic art prints with an incredible amount of detail.
Discuss the pros.

Print copies are a big plus for photographers and artists whose volume makes it impractical to mass production of their work, but want to reproduce their works or pictures according to their needs or demand. A digital files are created, new views can be created with minimal effort at a reasonable cost. Disappears prohibitive investment required to produce a large edition. Digital files will not deteriorate and can be reproduced at any time, in any quantity, any size and on various media, giving the artist the possibility to adapt your work to the tastes and needs of its customers.
A really good copy Giclée is a work of art!

The quality of a copy Print rivals traditional processes based on gelatin and silver halides and has been recognized by all professional circles. Dozens of museums, galleries, collectors and art publishers around the world, expose, sell, treasure and disseminate limited edition photographic work, both color and black and white printed with this technology. Some works have reached prices in excess of € 20,000 in recent auctions, bringing this process to conclusively category of artistic expression, valued and enduring.

Giclée is considered the best technique in the world for the reproduction of original artwork.